Urgent Help Needed

Hi Everybody,

The BCA urgently needs your help. We have several positions vacant on the committee that we have to fill urgently to be able to keep the Association running.

The vacant positions are;
Chairman. Committee member Brian Downing has put himself forward for this post but would need a proposer and seconder to go forward to an EGM.

Treasurer. This is a position that an Association must have to operate. Anyone with any treasurer/finance experience please apply. There are very few financial transaction in the BCA so this isn't a heavy job but one that needs to be filled.

Events Secretary. Brian Downing is currently events secretary so if he is voted in as Chairman we should really replace him with an new events secretary.

Membership Secretary. This post also needs filling in order to keep the membership ticking along.
If anyone is interested in any of these posts please get in touch with me at techeditor@british-cichlid.org.uk
The constitution dictates that any one individual can only hold one post but in the current emergency we could take a vote to amend that temporarily to get some of these urgent posts filled.

Anyone interested in any of the positions can read all about what the position is about on the website under the committee tab.

Thank you for your help in anticipation.

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