The British Cichlid Association (BCA), founded in the autumn of 1970 by a small group of cichlid enthusiasts, is one of the oldest national cichlid groups in existence in the UK. Its objectives are to gather, organize and promote both knowledge and interest in the captive maintenance and breeding of fishes from the family Cichlidae, particularly within the United Kingdom. Another core aim is to encourage and further the study and conservation of cichlids, both in captivity and within their natural habitats. The diversity of cichlids, their maintenance and breeding challenges and the need for cichlid conservation has kept interest in these fish healthy to this present day.

The Constituion can be found here.

BCA Member Benefits

12 months single e-Membership costs just £5.00 or £5.50 for joint e-Membership.

Member benefits include the following:

  • Six downloadable pdf editions of the BCA (Members Only) bi-monthly e-journal Cichlidae.
  • Access to BCA website and Forum which includes members only pages at britishcichlid.org.uk
  • Access with reduced admission to both spring and autumn Conventions, Auctions and Annual AGM.

The BCA Journal Cichlidae

 Cichlidae is the bi-monthly e-Journal of the British Cichlid Association that is published digitally in pdf format six times a year.  Within Cichlidae the reader will find interesting and superbly illustrated articles about cichlids that will appeal to both novice and experienced aquarists alike. Articles are published on successful maintenance and breeding, collection trips to the natural habitats of cichlids as well as on general aquatic topics such as food, equipment and fish diseases. Science and Conservation topics are also covered which includes information and reviews of new cichlid descriptions and important publications on the systematics, nomenclature, ecology and ethology of cichlids.

Members and non-members are encouraged to submit articles for publication in Cichlidae which is read by many scientists and ichthyologists, a copy is also held in the British Library. As a reward, anyone submitting a published article will receive one year’s free BCA e-membership.

Cichlid Conservation

 The BCA also plays a role in cichlid conservation. £500 has recently been donated to Lake Malawi conservation projects via The Stuart Grant Conservation Fund. The objective of the BCA Conservation Programme is to:

  • Raise funding and provide financial support for cichlid research and cichlid related conservation projects.
  • Help minimise any damage to cichlid diversity by alerting members to the wide ranging nature of threats which might hinder the longevity of cichlids in their natural habitats.
  • Educate members on the importance of maintaining sustainable captive populations of cichlid species at risk.

The BCA believes that certain practises in the hobby concerning hybrid, dyed or mutilated cichlids (including Parrot and Flowerhorn cichlids) constitutes cruelty to the fish in question and thus the maintenance and propagation of such cichlids is not compatible with the BCA commitment to cichlids and their conservation.

Joining The BCA

 You can join the BCA online via PayPal (no additional charge) at ww.Britishcichlid.org.uk or you can become a member by sending your details to membership@british-cichlid.org.uk