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The British Cichlid Association

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The British Cichlid Association (BCA), founded in the autumn of 1970 by a small group of cichlid enthusiasts, is one of the oldest national cichlid groups in existence in the UK. Its objectives are to gather, organize and promote both knowledge and interest in the captive maintenance and breeding of fishes from the family Cichlidae, particularly within the United Kingdom. Another core aim is to encourage and further the study and conservation of cichlids, both in captivity and within their natural habitats. The diversity of cichlids, their maintenance and breeding challenges and the need for cichlid conservation has kept interest in these fish healthy to this present day.

The Next BCA Event

The BCA, in connection with the British Killi Assoc, British Livebearer Assoc and Fancy Guppies UK are holding a two day event this September.

Saturday will be our day for speakers, followed at the end of the day by a happy hour for all our British Cichlid Association attendees!

Sunday will start at 9AM with a General Meeting for the BCA, then onto an all-day auction featuring a large variety of fish and dry goods.

We'll have Fish Shows, Forums, Lectures, Sales Tables, Trade Stands and Raffles. Tickets go on sale next week!!!!

Please see our events page for more details or contact Brian Downing our events secretary - email;

Following the last BCA AGM, we still require someone to fill the post of Treasurer. If any of the membership has experience as a bookeeper, accountant or feels that they could fill the post please contact one of the committee or
Anyone interested can read about the duties of the treasurer on the committee page by clicking this link.

Not yet a BCA member? Join us here