On my travels in France

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On my travels in France

Postby roger » Mon Aug 10, 2015 7:25 pm

Been in France for a couple of weeks. We went to one of our favorite inland beaches on the Trois Lacs on the River Cruese. These are long thin lakes created by hydroelectric barrages accroos the river and are popular with fishermen.

We noticed off black clouds in the water - like sunken oil slicks, and went to investigate.


They turned out to be massive shoals of baby catfish. Black with forked tails so presumably North American Channel Cats introduced for the fishermen, the catfish shoals were all along the beach, must have been thousands of fish in all. One has to wonder what this number of catfish will do to the local ecology. It certainly feed the predators, you could see the should breaking and reforming as the local Perch and Zander had a feast.

Later paddling in the shallows I saw what I took at first to be a cichlid feeding. After watching for a while I realised it was a North American Black Bass. Apparently these have also been introduced for sport anglers.
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