Summer Auction – July 2017

Sunday July 16th 2017
Britannia Hotel, Almond Brook Road, Standish, Wigan, WN6OSR.

Summer Auction 2017 with Chris Englezou

The Summer event will be attended by guest speaker Chris Englezou, who is the owner of the company C.E. Fish Essentials.

Chris will be giving a lecture about collecting wild Angelfish, including Altums, with Heiko Bleher in the Rio Atabapo, along the Colombia/Venezuela border region.

After his presentation Chris is also going to give a workshop on setting up a Rio Atabapo biotope fish tank in a 36x24x20" (Length x Width x Height) tank with external filter, heater and two 90cm overtank luminaire/lights. The substrate will consist of white sand with both biotope and none biotope correct leaves and timbers. The fish will consist of Biotope correct fish, Biotodoma wavrini, Apistogramma poiroa, Apostogramma cf. doplotaenia, Copella meinkeini, Hyphessobrycon simulans and Hyphesspbrycon bleheri. We would have loved to find a few Poecilocharax weitzman also, but these cave brooding characins are not that easy to find when you want some. Plants will include Philodendeon erubescens or Philodendeon monstera.

We would have loved to have put on a 48" tank for larger P. scalare Angelfish or P. altum but it would be difficult to transport the tank to and from the event.

Chris will also have a stand highlighting his Conservation efforts and work, plus he will also be selling some of his frozen foods on the day.

At the end of the workshop members will have the opportunity to win the tank in a raffle.

Chris also runs a Fish conservation fund and we will also have the chance to hear about the work the fund does, not only in South America but all over the world.

As usual, we will be having our Auction of Cichlids, Catfish, and other fishes and dry goods, followed by the usual raffle at the end of the day.

This event is not to be missed.

Anybody wishing to book rooms can book direct with the hotel, but please mention that you are attending the BCA event on the Sunday to receive our special discounted rates.

Maidenhead Aquatics are sponsoring our Summer convention

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