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The British Cichlid Association (BCA), founded in the autumn of 1970 by a small group of cichlid enthusiasts, is one of the oldest national cichlid groups in existence in the UK. Its objectives are to gather, organize and promote both knowledge and interest in the captive maintenance and breeding of fishes from the family Cichlidae, particularly within the United Kingdom. Another core aim is to encourage and further the study and conservation of cichlids, both in captivity and within their natural habitats. The diversity of cichlids, their maintenance and breeding challenges and the need for cichlid conservation has kept interest in these fish healthy to this present day.

The Next BCA Event

Hi Everyone,
After many months of lockdowns, surges in Covid infections and lots of frustration for us all we can now announce the next BCA event which will take place on 18th and 19th September. This is a joint event being organised by The Killifish, Livebearer and Fancy Guppy Associations and ourselves.

The poster contains details of the event but if BCA members want more information please contact Mark Breeze at or Darren Evans at

The BCA will be holding an auction at the event on Sunday afternoon from 3.00pm onwards and we are looking for as many auction lots as possible from members. Please contact Mark Breeze for an auction booking form if you have fish to auction off.

The other associations will also be having auctions during the event and there will also be talks, shows and Q&A sessions. All in all it looks like this will be an event not to be missed.

The BCA will be holding their AGM at 10.00am on Sunday so please make every effort to attend. The AGM this year will be especially important given the difficulties that the lockdowns have caused us all, both in our lives generally and in our hobbies.

BCA AGM 2021

The BCA will be holding their Annual General Meeting on Sunday 19th September at 10.00am. This is during the Fishkeeping Extravaganza event which you can read more about above.

The BCA, like many associations now, is at a critical stage in its history so it is very important that as many members as possible attend this year. The AGM is where you, members, can vote in the committee that you would like to steer the Association in the direction that you want it to go. It's also the place to air your views and volunteer for one of the committee posts if that's what you would like to be involved with.

Please make every effort to be there, I look forward to meeting you.

Trevor Greenfield
Technical Editor