BCA AGM 2018

BCA AGM 2018

Postby hwdirect » Mon Sep 17, 2018 9:39 pm

Notice of AGM: October 21st 2018

The BCA will hold a short AGM on Sunday 21st October 2018 at The Oak Hotel, 8640 Stratford Road, Birmingham, B94 5NW at 10.00am to report on progress made since the Autumn 2017 AGM and to conduct other urgent BCA business without delay.

Resolutions are invited and also requests to join the committee in ANY of the positions listed below. They must be sent to the Secretary, With Details of the proposer and seconder (If you need clarification on this please contact me and I will explain).

At the time of writing of this notice we do have several vacant positions available for the forthcoming year. If any member wants more information with regards to any of the roles, job descriptions are published on our website at http://www.british-cichlid.org.uk/wordpress/committee/ or they can contact me and I will supply you with details of the positions (Job description) and what is expected of you in this role.

I will point out that ALL committee positions are available if you wish to apply, the roles mentioned below are from the committee members who have decided not to stand for these positions for the coming year. The committee are calling for you to come forward and support your club by taking up these positions if you feel suitable.

All resolutions and Proposal for Committee positions must reach the Secretary no later than 19th October 2017.

If the proposer and seconder are unable to attend the AGM, the meeting will still consider the proposal. If both proposer and seconder are unable to attend, it would be helpful if they submit a written statement to be read out to the meeting in support of the proposed person. However, if neither proposer nor seconder is present, they will not be given the opportunity to comment on any amendments put forward at the AGM. Only fully paid up members of the BCA may put forward resolutions and/or vote at the AGM.

All resolutions received will be acknowledged by email unless a SAE is enclosed so please include either your email address or a SAE with your submission.

1. Chairman’s opening remarks and vision for the BCA for the forth coming Year and the year that has passed.
2. Apologies for Absence (must be sent to the Secretary before the AGM).
3. Acceptance of the minutes from the AGM Held on the 21st October 2017.
4. Explanation of the Accounts for the year ended June 30th 2017.
5. Officers Reports from the committee.
6. Resolutions.
7. Election of Officers for the Committee.
A) Chairman
B) Vice-Chairman
C) Secretary
D) Treasurer
E) Cichlidae Editor - Vacant post, new editor required
F) Membership Secretary
G) Publicity Officer
H)Technical Editor - Vacant post, new editor required
8. Any other Business.

Thank you,

Trevor Greenfield
Secretary, British Cichlid Association

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Postby hwdirect » Sat Oct 21, 2017 12:31 pm

Minutes of AGM 2016

Item 3 of the AGM agenda is acceptance of the minutes of the AGM 2016.

With the change of secretarial post we didn’t get official minutes produced for the last AGM but Darren did list out the new post holders as part of his thank you post to members in the forum.

I stepped in to the secretary role, temporarily at the time until a permanent member took on the post, and have to apologise for not ensuring that we got proper minutes produced.

The new committee elected at the time were
A) chairman - Mark Breeze
B) secretary- to be 100% confirmed soon
C) treasurer - Roger Sleet
D) publicity officer - Peter Clarke
E) technical editor - James Studdart
F) cichlidae editor - mark breeze
G) membership secretary - Steve Wood

Roger Sleet was unable to attend the meeting to deliver his financial report but Darren did have a copy of the accounts for anyone wanting to look at them.

As the current Secretary I will ensure that minutes of the next AGM are posted on the forum as soon after the meeting as possible.
Trevor Greenfield

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Re: BCA AGM 2018

Postby Tom C » Sun Nov 25, 2018 8:52 pm

hwdirect wrote:...... I will ensure that minutes of the next AGM are posted on the forum as soon after the meeting as possible.

Tom C

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