Books for sale inc cichlid atlas vol 2

Looking for a cichlid specific book?

Books for sale inc cichlid atlas vol 2

Postby boltons1 » Sun Mar 30, 2014 9:43 pm

Hi all due to downsizing my library I'm having to sell off some of my cichlid and aquarium books - some old and some new - the cichlid atlas is new just taken out of the packaging. The older books are still quite useful as it explains some ideas for husbandry that have sometimes been forgotten!

Anyway link to atlas and you can find the others from there I'm sure -

Edit: you will notice there are two on there - I bought one and the company sent me a German copy with an English sleeve - so I complained and received an English copy but they never asked for the other (German) book back or asked for it back... hence the reason for having two.

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