Auction report..

Auction report..

Postby ste12000 » Mon Dec 02, 2013 7:43 pm

What a day! That is the only way to sum up December the 1st! We raised a huge £716.90 which will now be split three ways and sent to each charity, receipts will be available to view
on the website.

In the build up to the event, I had suffered? All the usual worries, will we have enough fish to
sell? Will people travel? Will we raise any money for charity? I knew that the record for a Midland charity auction was a very respectable £767 in December 2011 and felt that if we could approach £600 on our first rebranded auction that we would be on the right track.
Within 5 minutes of arriving at the venue at 8.30am my worries dissipated, a lot of volunteers has arrived earlier than myself and were busy organising the room and the layout, throughout the morning more and more people arrived until we reached a respectable total of 105 people in the room!

We stuck to the same format as the previous Midland charity auction and it worked well, we were a little later than planned at getting the first auction started but we set off at 11am and worked tirelessly to put through the estimated 600-700 lots that were brought by sellers, we had a full range of fish, Killifish, cichlids, catfish, characins and oddballs, livebearers featured heavily and were supported on the day by Shaun Stevens from Tropiquaria, Tropiquaria is a wildlife and adventure park with a public aquarium housing the second largest collection of Goodeids in the UK, Shaun brought a superb display stand to the auction and eventually auctioned off the rare Goodeids that he brought on the day, this money raised will be ploughed back into the research and breeding facility to ensure these fish have a safe future, with our donation of charity funds the Goodeid group will have a nice Christmas present this year!

Our trade stands looked superb and throughout the day I saw plenty of people along that wall sharing info, buying goods and speaking with the sellers. Special thanks have to go to Phil Blackburn from Fishphilosophy
Mark Breeze and the British cichlid association for their support and live food stand
Brian from Spa glass does not have a website but was in attendance with his show and breeding tank stand. Brian is a expert tank builder and makes some beautiful pieces, I hope that attendees made the most of this and picked up a bargain tank.
We also would like to thank Bert Ball and his wife for their untiring support, Bert is a favourite with everyone in the hobby and supports the charity auction every year, this year his stand had a lot of his white and grindalworm cultures and lots of other assorted new and secondhand equipment.
All of the above need special thanks, they all possess special skills and talents in our hobby, not just fishkeeping, the long term hobby of keeping and enjoying tropical fish! we as fellow hobbyists need to support these guys and keep their skills alive.

The auction ran for around seven hours, we ended around 6pm and enjoyed a large raffle with two of the first tickets drawn being lucky enough to win over £100 worth of filters! There were enough raffle prizes on the table to ensure most people won something, many people won several items and went away very happy, I spent £5 and won a small tub of fishfood  but that’s par for the course and it is not very often I have luck in fish raffles.

We had a wonderful day, there are many people to thank, without them the day would not of ran as smoothly as it did or as entertaining as it was. In no particular order I would like to thank the following people from the bottom of my heart, it was wonderful working with them and a pleasure to be connected with so many big names in the hobby.
Firstly my partner in crime from the BCA, Mr Darren Evans, Darren likes to take a step back from any ‘limelight’ and allows me to be the more vocal of our team, however when it comes to the paperwork and organisation of venues, charities and finer details of the day I would not have anyone else on my side! This auction would not of been half the success it was without Darren involved!
James Studdart(NWAS) is our webmaster and is solely responsible for the stunning new website that so many of you visited in the build-up to the event, James puts in many hours of work completely free of charge and hosts and maintains our website, unfortunately he has suffered a bereavement recently and has a seriously ill family member, despite these setbacks in his personal life he has worked hard for the charity event and should be recognised for the hard work he has put in!
On the same online advertising theme we can also look at Ben Nicholls from SVAS, Ben took on the task of running the UK charity auction face book group which has seem a tremendous volume of activity and hard work in the build-up to the auction, everyone I spoke to on Sunday had visited the face book page and thanked Ben for the clear and precise messages that were distributed to those interested in attending this auction, we had many first timers and that is in no small thanks to Bens hard work as face book Admin.
Going back to the North Wales aquarist society and we have Mark Derbyshire, Mark gladly took on the task of auction booking and dealt with the sellers, this requires a lot of email work and creating a database of sellers etc, a not inconsiderable task and one that was lifted from my shoulders when Mark volunteered to take on this role! Huge thanks Mark!
Also working hard behind the scenes was my good friend Jamie Horne, Chairman of Sheaf valley aquarist society and a hard worker! Jamie took it upon himself to arrange the trade stands for the auction and also supplied the tanks and stands for Tropiquaria to display their Goodeids, the trade stands were excellent and fully stocked with a wide range of goodies for aquarists, Jamie and the guys also worked tirelessly on the day, rarely stopping for a break and putting in more effort than most. I cannot thank these guys enough as they made the core of a very busy team effort!

Not forgetting the rest we have a huge list of those that helped to create this a superb day, many aquarist societies were in attendance and I would like to see more in the coming years! In no particular order I would like to thank the following people and companies.

Tim Addis – For passing his auction over and allowing us to continue, it is in good hands!
Dave Lewis – For his kind offers that were not needed this time, I will store the offer.
Ray Blackburn – Raffle and tireless running with fishbags all day long! Thanks mate
Stephenie May – Enjoyed her first auction and is my partner, she deserves special thanks for
Supporting me in my hobby! It cannot be easy living with a full time fish nut!
Alan Nortcliffe – For his excellent auctioneering skills and for making people laugh at a time when most auctions go stagnant, you were the best man for the job!
Fancy guppies UK -
British killifish association -
British livebearer association -
British cichlid association - index.php
Mid sussex aquarist society -
Preston and district aquarist society -
Sheaf valley aquarist society -
North wales aquarist society -
Mulberry catering – 07833221068
Lodge park social club - ... 7768837895
Ryan, Geoff, Peter for the help behind the scenes with advertising/advise etc.

And the following for donations and raffle prizes.
Mars/API :
Tropico Aquatics:
New Era Aquaculture:
TA aquaculture -
Alan Green
All pond solutions -
Tropical Waters Aquatics LTD - ... ics/751912
Devotedly Discus -

If I have forgotten anyone I can only apologise! Yesterday was so busy that my head is in a spin! You know who you are and what you have done! Thank you so much.

Enjoy your hobby! All the best from Steven Chester and the UK charity auction team.
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