Thank You...

Thank You...

Postby Mark Breeze Microman » Thu Mar 23, 2017 11:57 am

Hi All...
Yesterday I posted out new BCA Membership Cards (With 6 months free membership), Thank You letters and a copy of the BCA Constitution 2016 to all BCA Members. You might notice that you will now have new Membership Numbers…

If anybody who has recently joined the BCA does not receive their Mem Card or does not have access to the BCA Members pages please get in touch with either myself (Who recently took over the Membership Files) or in the long term Emma Mounsey who has very kindly offered to take on the role of Membership Secretary after a change of circumstances and a very hectic work schedule did not allow Steve to dedicate enough time to the post. Thank You for your help since end October Steve.

In recent years the BCA has not been run in the professional manner that it or its members deserve. I have recently (end Oct 2016) taken on the role as Chairman after nearly 10 years on the committee and have noted that a number of past and present committee members had not been doing their jobs to the best of their ability, Mem cards and New Members were not being processed, Mem renewal notifications were not being sent out, BCA Website had not been set up since it was hacked some time ago and BCA Events were not being publicised to best effect. All of these things and many more should really have been dealt with some time ago…

I can now assure all BCA members, future, past and present that the BCA will now be run in a more professional manner with Membership issues being dealt with in a timely fashion at the top of the list. You will also soon notice a new BCA logo and new website (Which are being worked on as we speak by James) and a slight change in the way events are run with Thanks to Darren and Ian Fuller who are helping in non-committee roles. Cichlidae (Or a link to it) will also be sent out direct to all members upon publication, We may however be looking for a new Cichlidae Editor at the AGM in October as I cannot continue to dedicate the time and effort the post deserves alongside the other positions I am involved in. If anybody has the necessary skills and can dedicate a few hours per week then please think about it. Trevor Greenfield (the BCAs longest serving member since 1972) will continue in his role as Hon Secretary and Peter will be publicising both the BCA and its events to the best effect. Roger will also continue as Treasurer, a position he has now held for more than a decade. Also look out for BCA merchandising in the sales pages when the new website goes live.

Finally I would like to Thank all those members who have stuck by us during this difficult period, without you the BCA would not be one of the longest serving dedicated Cichlid Associations in the world.

Mark Breeze
BCA Chairman…
To occasionally commune with Nature, absorbing into oneself some of her tranquil moods, her sober teachings and artistic temperaments will react wholesomely on the human system.
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