Hello all, this is Maurice Kuyunga from Tanzania

From the Rift Lakes, cichlids of Lake Tanganyika

Hello all, this is Maurice Kuyunga from Tanzania

Postby kuyunga25 » Fri Feb 02, 2018 1:31 pm

Hello all, hope everyone here is doing well. I thought of introducing myself as a new member in this community. I am Maurice Kuyunga, the General Manager of Prime Cichlids World in Arusha, Tanzania. I have been successively managing this company for almost 2 years now, where we collect wild caught Tanganyikan and Malawian cichlids from more than 25 different collection points and export them internationally.
We can be contacted either through our website at: www.prime-cichlids.bloombiz.com OR through our email at: cichlids@protonmail.com

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