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Hello fellow Cichlid enthusiasts. Welcome to the Cumbria & Borders Cichlid/Catfish group. This forum has been put together by a few enthusiastic fishkeepers with the aim of attracting fishkeepers/breeders who are proud to show off thier fish collections with pics and threads. Although Cumbria and the Borders is a large area we often have to travel for that sought after fish! so really this forum is open to all who share that one key thing...... PASSION!. All we ask is that there is a bit of forum etiquette and if someone has taken the time to do a thread or post pics then at least acknowledge that with a decent reply. We are hoping to have a strong userbase in the first few months of 2013. We choose the word strong instead of large as we believe a forum should be measured on the activity of its members not how many of them there is.
For all of you that join us we would like to extend our gratitude and encourage you to take part in any way you can. We believe that the best way to introduce yourself is to give a brief introduction of yourself and tell us what fish you keep and what you would like to keep. This helps everyone to get to know you and what is in your tanks. Also, this way it wont be long before we can identify who is the best person to ask for advice on specific types of aquarium and the specific types of inhabitants within them. We certainly aint fish guru's here just regular folk trying to create a good forum!.

Many thanks to all and we hope you enjoy your time with us!

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