Paratheraps Synspilum (redhead cichlid or firehead cichlid)

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Paratheraps Synspilum (redhead cichlid or firehead cichlid)

Postby sammy true blue » Wed Jun 08, 2016 11:03 pm

I have a redhead she is about 5/6" big she is very pretty but she has an aggressive temperment, she has killed a few fish with her bullying and stressing them out, so I have moved her to her own tank, where she now lives on her own with a pleco for company.
I really want to get her to start laying eggs again and have a male to fertilize them but I am worried that she may bully him first, can anyone please advise me how I could introduce them?, what size male should I get? and should I get the same breed of fish as her or would she breed and get her eggs fertilised by another african cichlid?.

I would be very grateful if anyone can give me some help, as I've had her for nearly 7/9 years now and I hate seeing her on her own lol. oh she is in a Fluval Roma 125Litre, but i will get a bigger tank for them as she gets bigger.

Thanks Sammy
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