South American Blackwater

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Re: South American Blackwater

Postby dw1305 » Fri Nov 24, 2017 12:57 pm

Hi all,
chester18 wrote:Do you have to wait until the Alder Cones drop off or can you pick them off the tree and use them
Just pick them from the tree, they should have turned dark brown by now. Pretty much any river bank etc in the UK will have Alders growing on it.

Have a look at: <>
chester18 wrote:I have been told that I can use Shamrock Irish Moss Peat as it contains nothing but the product itself. I will have to order some cones and see how it goes
That should be OK.

cheers Darrel
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Re: South American Blackwater

Postby chester18 » Fri Nov 24, 2017 2:21 pm

Hi Darrel

Thanks for the info, very much appreciated


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