Tanganyika Cichlids in their Natural Habitat

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Tanganyika Cichlids in their Natural Habitat

Postby Andrew W » Fri Aug 13, 2010 1:18 pm

Tanganyika Cichlids in their natural habitat
by Ad Konings

From the back cover;

For almost a century the cichlids of Lake Tanganyika have been a focus of scientific attention, and many interesting facts regarding fish behaviour have been ascertained from study of this complex fish community.

During the last three decades almost all of the more than 200 known species have become available in the aquarium hobby, and most of them have proved to be excellent aquarium residents, permitting aquarists to make a considerable contribution to our knowledge of these fishes through observation in captivity.

Tanganyika Cicihlids in their natural habitat catalogues and characterises all the known cichlid species of the lake on the basis of their distribution, coloration and habitat preferences, drawing on data accumulated during several hundred hours of underwater observations by the author, a noted authority on the cichlids of lakes Malawi and Tanganyika.

The more than 900 photos illustrate all of the known Tanganyika cichlids, and the majority are taken in the lake portraying the fishes in their natural habitat. The wealth of information on the natural environment this book contains will render it increasingly possible to maintain each species in the most natural way, allowing it to behave as if it where in the lake.

Only by thus duplicating their normal environment can we expect to be traeted to the fishes' natural beahviour.


ISBN: 0-9668255-0-0

First published 1998
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Re: Tanganyika Cichlids in their Natural Habitat

Postby James (24T) » Sun Aug 29, 2010 4:35 am

Best book I own.
This plus Enjoying cichlids (so much more practical advice on breeding and set ups in that one) a must for any Tang cichlid fan.

All the Best James
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