At Wharf Aquatics today

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At Wharf Aquatics today

Postby eartheater3298 » Sat Apr 30, 2016 4:50 pm

Hi All,
I've been down to Wharf today, mainly to collect a tank, but I always have a look around.

I collected the tank, a 68 x 15 x 18 " it will be the new home for my R.lapidifer, plus probably my pair of Satanoperca mapiritensis, plus either a dwarf pike or one of my Teleocichla.

I also met up with Mark, a mate of mine, and we had a good chat,plus I also had some good chats about cichlids.

Wharf today, had a cracking selection of Geophagus in, some real beauties.

I also picked up a Eheim, Shepherds
hook, I've got sick of my hose falling out when emptying tank water.

Tommorow as well as picking up some Teleocichla, I'm off up to Silksworth to collect 5 Teleocichla centrachus, this trip will see me at the end of it with having T, monogramma, centrachus and prionogenys in my tanks, I've become fascinated with them.
All in all a very good weekend

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